I Am Eustace

by Eustace

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This is your first chance to get to know me. I Am Eustace.

Thank you all for listening.


This is the word olympics
Analogy so specific
Thunder raining down on my shit-list

My wound itches
Bumpin' Nas rappin that Ether
Got me energized like a high schooler chugging a "Rip-It"

Buy a bag and flip it, and sell it for nearly double
The shit I used to do makes me wonder how I never got in trouble
No problems with the cops, except for the paranoia
That shit will destroy ya'
Avoid a charge 'cause I can't afford a lawyer

I'm not trying to bore ya', i'm just telling you about my life
Telling you my story like that old book Tom Sawyer
Makin' up words so you don't know when i'm cussing
Fireball got me buzzing like 12 blunts cheaper by the dozen

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I want it now, I don't want it late or a day after
Put your pussy ass in the trash and call it kitty litter
Crush a childish rapper with my ass and call me a babysitter
Those 2 lines were funny but please hold onto your laughter

I'm about to get semi-serious, I probably sound delirious, but really i'm furious
Breaking the record of faking
The second i'm shaking
the bars that i'm making
are platinum!
I reckon YOU reckon
the flow is a beckon
to come in and check in
emergency coming
it's probably nothing
so fumble and run it

But what does life look like, is it trapped inside a box?
Are the sands of time the same as the hands of time up on my clock?
Let's check the official meaning, and let's see at the end of this track if your heart's still beating.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'm in the Focus bumpin' Logic
Specifically "Young Sinatra"
Cranked up at 2 in the morning
My neighbors think i'm obnoxious

Never seen Harry Potter
Last week I finally watched it
My girl said I missed out on childhood,
she's really only being honest

I'm out here trying to make it,
trying to get my flow up!
Galaxy be like "Let's rap about garbage and see if I blow up!"

Gimme a pad and paper, and i'll write a statement about the eraser
Shots fired, go find yourself a chaser.

The track is over, the beat's coming to an end

My name is Eustace
I'm a nuisance
and I'm your new best friend.


released March 14, 2016
Music written and recorded by Levon Zobian.

Lyrics written by John Augustyn (Eustace)
Rap Performed by John Augustyn (Eustace)

" ~ Maybe if a certain local rapper actually had some substance in his music to back up his claims of being "good", i wouldn't have had to lay him out the way i did ~ "




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Eustace Detroit, Michigan

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