[​[​[​[​no unity​]​]​]​]

by Eustace

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the state of this nation is at it's most divided in quite a while.
this song is about how our past has set us up for a difficult future.

no unity.


It's hard to drive when your car is missing a few lug nuts
Especially when my appetite is for a tour bus
You lured us into second thinking our actions
Pacify us then tell us "go back and practice"
You stripped away the playing board, no home field advantage
That's why student loans these days take decades to chase after.
Poverty stricken homes echo with sound of rich laughter
Rags to Riches these politicians they're actors

What's the quickest way to get rich the fastest?
Go sell a pound of some triple platinum grasses
Then be surprised when we give you them season passes to an overfilled prison with a mandatory minimum sentence

I thought you said you wanted security, isn't this standard practice?
Black folks at a greater disadvantage because of their ancestors
5-0 quota doesn't care about a circumstance
"Call up the station we got a couple of filled up vans!"

This white privilege is a shitty thing to support
"Elect trump, make america great again!" (start a war)
Hitler was elected too, now he burns in hell

Who ever said that history won't repeat itself?


released March 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Eustace Detroit, Michigan

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